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Insitu supports you in deploying a Network Operations Center (NOC). Our intervention provides you with an essential tool for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your technological networks.
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Experts to Integrate Your Network Operations Center (NOC)

Ensuring the proper functioning of your networks is not a simple task.

What is a NOC?

A NOC is a network operations center that centralizes the monitoring and management of a network. It enables your teams to optimize the availability, performance, and security of the systems in place.

Network Monitoring

The NOC allows for continuous monitoring of the network state. It helps quickly detect problems to accelerate your response time for corrections. It provides your teams with effective tools to ensure the performance of your network, servers, routers, firewalls, etc.
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Incident Response

With its ability to offer a unified view of all network infrastructures, the NOC facilitates the detection and resolution of incidents. Its predictive analysis capability allows it to anticipate incidents and failures, in addition to offering detailed post-incident analyses.
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System Management

The network operations center enables you to efficiently manage all systems. It integrates your security policies to control access, manage patches, and ensure the proper functioning of applications, servers, databases, etc. It is also a valuable tool for managing updates, patches, and data backups.
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Deploy Your Network Operations Center

Our experts support you in setting up a NOC tailored to the specific challenges of your business.
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What are the Benefits of a NOC Integrated by Our Experts?

There are numerous benefits to implementing a network operations center:

  • Improve performance and infrastructure
  • Optimize processes
  • React proactively to incidents
  • Obtain a comprehensive view of the network

Its main advantage lies in its mission: to reduce the risks that downtime affects your business.

Downtimes are extremely costly when IT systems are down, even for a short period. The availability and proper functioning of the network are essential to ensure the profitability of your business.

    Ensure Network Reliability

    The network operations center helps ensure that no faults affect the performance or operation of the network. It constantly monitors activities and quickly detects problems, minimizing the risk of service interruptions. Acting proactively, the NOC allows companies to provide uninterrupted connectivity and constant availability of operations.

    Global Network Visibility

    The NOC provides total visibility of the network. It allows for effective monitoring and management of the IT infrastructure. This visualization helps ensure that all aspects of the network are constantly under surveillance, which facilitates the detection of threats, anomalies, and errors. Companies can thus anticipate and resolve network issues before they affect regular operations.

    Constant Support from a Team of Network Monitoring Experts

    Implementing a NOC can be complex. The challenges of network monitoring vary from one organization to another. Insitu offers constant support, both in integrating a NOC into your processes and in maintaining the solution long-term. Our expertise ensures you obtain a fully functional network operations center tailored to your needs.

Implement Your Network Operations Center with a Team That Listens

A network operations center is a significant investment. The fixed costs of initial implementation, system management, and constant updates can exceed the capacities of internal business teams. Entrusting the implementation of your NOC to our experts can be both more economical and effective. As service providers, we equip your teams to perform routine tasks, benefiting from the expertise of our IT specialists.

    Needs Assessment

    The initial assessment identifies the unique needs of your organization. Our thorough needs analysis establishes specific objectives that will ensure the efficiency of your network operations center.

    Custom Infrastructure Design

    We design custom IT infrastructure for your organization, helping you select the ideal location for your NOC, which ensures security, accessibility, and flawless redundancy.

    Selection of Monitoring Tools

    Tools to monitor network activities are carefully chosen based on your existing systems and the automations that will minimize downtime.

    Implementation of Incident Management Processes

    Incidents are golden opportunities to optimize your systems. Our experts help you establish an incident management process, including escalation, resolution, and documentation procedures. We also integrate ticket management systems to track and document each incident.

    Training Your Teams

    Our experts train your teams in the use of the NOC and monitoring tools. We also support you in applying standard operating procedures (SOPs) and security protocols. With our support, your teams are enabled to respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

    Implementation of Real-Time Monitoring

    The NOC keeps you informed at all times. Immediate, personalized alerts warn your teams so they can take immediate action if the system detects an anomaly.

    Continuous Optimization and Testing

    Regular tests are scheduled to ensure that the NOC functions as expected in real-world situations. Our experts continuously optimize the tools and processes based on technological developments and gathered information.

    Continuous Improvement of the NOC

    Our team can assist you with updates and continuous improvements to your network operations center. We will adjust the technologies, processes, and documentation as your business activities evolve.

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