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Insitu supports you with the deployment of an observability solution that proactively detects issues and enhances the performance of your computerized processes.
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Information technology is constantly evolving. For organizations, the proper functioning of systems is crucial to ensure services. Even well-maintained and monitored systems can experience failures or expose vulnerabilities. Systems are becoming increasingly complex and specialist services are necessary to maintain productivity, proactively detect problems, and quickly perform necessary actions.

Our team of IT specialists collaborates with world-renowned partners (AWS, Elasticsearch, Splunk, Kafka) to help you monitor your systems and ensure their performance. We rely on proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools to implement an observability solution perfectly suited to your technological challenges.

What is IT Observability?

Observability is a process that implements software tools to detect problems before they occur. With the complexity of modern IT infrastructures, observability is essential for ensuring the productivity and performance of businesses.

Our observability solutions equip you with a precise tool, tailored to your technological infrastructures. They provide you with valuable data to anticipate problems that could affect your hardware, software, or the security of your IT systems.


Event Logs

Event logs represent the detailed narrative of human, mechanical, and software interactions recorded in your systems. They accurately describe each event, allowing you to visualize the root causes of a malfunction.
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Metrics are taken at a specific moment. They indicate a measure of capacity and performance. By collecting these metrics periodically, you gain information on the performance of your computer system, your application, or even your customer experience.
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Traces and Streams

Traces allow you to combine actions to visualize the path taken by a process or a user. They are used to determine an intention, a series of actions taken to obtain information, or the operations performed to achieve a specific result.
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Deploy an Observability Solution Tailored to Your Business Objectives

Whether planning the evolution of your IT infrastructure, managing the growth of your organization, or improving the efficiency of your systems, our team of experts is available to help you achieve (and exceed) your goals.
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Why is Monitoring Your Technological Infrastructures So Important?

Your observability solution must facilitate the detection of critical elements that could compromise the main operations of your IT systems. It must highlight the flaws and weaknesses of their architecture, as well as those of its users and other external factors that could compromise their security and proper functioning.

    Proactive Incident Detection and Resolution

    Observability allows you to detect and resolve incidents proactively. Problems are addressed before they impact business activities, allowing you to minimize potential damage.

    Improvement of System Performance and Reliability

    By providing access to detailed analyses of collected data, an observability solution identifies areas for improvement in your systems and processes. This allows you to enhance your performance and reduce the risks of production loss or service interruptions.

    Optimization of Resources and Operating Costs

    Observability helps manage the costs of your resources and reduce your operating expenses. With objective data in hand, you can invest more strategically, identifying underutilized resources or areas to develop as a priority.

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    An observability solution tailored to your business objectives enables the collection and analysis of critical data about your systems and processes. With this information in hand, you can make informed decisions to enhance your competitiveness and grow your business.

Innovate Better, Collaborate More Effectively, and Unleash Your Business Potential

Our experts accompany you at every step. They help you identify and integrate a customized observability solution to support your activities. Our expertise in system monitoring ensures a smart deployment of your solution and flawless integration into your current management processes.

    Need Assessment

    We determine the critical elements to monitor to ensure the proper functioning of your technological infrastructures and establish objectives with you. At this stage, our IT experts work with you to understand the specific challenges of your organization, desired objectives, data to be collected, and performance indicators to be implemented.

    Selection of Tools and Technologies

    We select the best infrastructure monitoring solutions and tools suited to your needs. We consider the size and complexity of your IT environment, as well as your budget and security and performance requirements.

    Deployment of Monitoring Agents

    Once the tools are selected, our experts take care of deploying monitoring agents on your servers, applications, virtual machines, etc. This step aims to ensure that data collection will be fully effective and that it will allow you to obtain the information you need.

    Dashboard Configuration

    We design customized and intuitive dashboards. They provide you with an overview of the performance and proper functioning of your IT infrastructures and processes, highlighting the metrics you want to visualize.

    Implementation of Data Aggregation and Correlation

    We implement mechanisms to identify correlations between the various events analyzed and the data collected. These mechanisms provide an overview of your system and identify links between events and incidents.

    Alert Configuration

    Based on your specific needs and desired thresholds, we create customized alerts. These alerts ensure an immediate response in case of a problem and minimize the impact of an incident on your normal activities.

    Integration with Incident Management Processes

    Our observability solution is integrated into your existing incident management system. At this stage, it is possible to implement all useful automations to quickly address encountered problems. These automations aim to minimize downtime of your systems, allowing you to react swiftly in case of an incident.

    Training and Documentation

    Our experts ensure that the observability solution implemented is thoroughly documented. The provided documents contain all procedures and best practices. We also train your team to be self-sufficient and effective in managing your observability solution.

    Ongoing Maintenance and Improvements

    Depending on your needs, we perform maintenance and updates on the observability solution implemented. We make all necessary improvements to ensure its proper functioning and adaptation to the evolutions of your IT infrastructures.

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