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Insitu assists you in deploying a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Our solution strengthens your business's security and allows you to proactively manage threats before they can cause damage.
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All companies are at risk of becoming a target of a cyberattack. Whether you're running a growing business or a large organization, there's always a loophole for cyberthreats to exploit. Our team has many years of experience in cybersecurity and can help you improve the security of your technologies.

The implementation of a cybersecurity solution must always consider human and technological factors. Our solutions account for both IT threats and human errors. With many years of experience in sectors where the security of IT systems is critical (such as finance, healthcare, and public services), our experts will help you secure your systems thoroughly.

What is a SIEM Solution?

A SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is software that centralizes the collection and analysis of security events from your IT systems. This tool detects threats and incidents while proactively acting to prevent problems.

The software identifies unusual or unexpected behavior. Such behaviors might have been caused by an intrusion, malware, or even a mishap by an employee.

To ensure the security of your systems, a SIEM continuously monitors activities taking place within them. It then allows you to easily visualize vulnerabilities and make the necessary corrections.


Threat Detection and Analysis

A Security Information and Event Management solution aims to automatically detect intrusions into a network or IT system. The SIEM integrates analysis tools and policies that are applied to the collected data to detect anomalies.
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Data Visualization

A decisive advantage of a SIEM solution is its ability to transform security data into actionable data. You will have access to crucial information to proactively spot IT vulnerabilities, without having to manually analyze all available data.
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Compliance with Regulations

Regardless of their sector of activity, companies are required to comply with numerous data protection regulations. A SIEM solution helps demonstrate data security and the company's compliance with prevailing rules.
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Secure Your Company's IT Systems

Choose an optimized and customized SIEM solution to manage security information and events. Our experts are available to help you enhance the security of your IT systems.
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How Can Our Experts Help You Protect Your Data?

Over the past few years, we have carried out cybersecurity projects for companies in the finance and high-tech sectors. We understand how an intrusion can cause significant financial losses for companies. We will help you deploy a customized solution to enhance the security of your data.

    Constant Threat Monitoring

    The data collected by the SIEM allows you to respond quickly if an unusual process is detected. The software operates at all times and generates security alerts for your teams so that they can act swiftly.

    Intelligent Threat Detection

    The SIEM uses customized correlation rules to detect risky behaviors and unusual actions within your systems. Our experts collaborate with you to create rules that meet the specific security challenges of your organization.

    Support from Cybersecurity Experts

    With our team of experts advising you, you will benefit from a SIEM solution perfectly integrated into your systems. We will help you analyze and interpret the data collected by your tools to identify and fix vulnerabilities in your systems.

Ensure the Security of Your Systems with Our Custom SIEM Solution

Our experts support you at every step. They help you set up a powerful SIEM solution that will allow you to centralize the management of security information and events. The expertise of our security experts ensures you receive functional tools to detect threats in your IT system activities.

    Needs Assessment

    We assess the security challenges of your organization, whether human or technological. At this stage, we determine the types of data to monitor, the systems to integrate, and the compliance requirements applicable.

    Development of the SIEM Solution

    Our experts develop the solution best suited to your situation, accounting for the required features and integrations with existing technologies.

    Deployment Planning

    A schedule is established for deploying the SIEM solution in your organization. Depending on your needs, the solution can be cloud-based, on-premise, or a combination of both.

    Data Collection

    The data to be integrated into the SIEM are identified, and connectors are configured on the various systems to be monitored.

    Integration with Existing Tools

    Our team ensures that the SIEM integrates with your existing systems, such as your firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, antiviruses, etc.

    Configuration of Rules and Policies

    Security rules and policies are added to the SIEM for incident detection. These rules are fully customized based on your security challenges.

    Staff Training

    We support your teams in using the SIEM solution and in applying security rules compliant with regulations that concern your organization.

    Ongoing Maintenance and Reports

    We configure the reports that will allow you to visualize the data collected by the SIEM. Our team will always be available to perform updates and maintain the solution.

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