Cloud Monitoring Services in Montreal

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What Are Cloud Monitoring Services?

Cloud monitoring services refer to solutions that provide real-time monitoring, management, and analysis of cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and services. These services help businesses ensure the availability, performance, and security of their cloud environments.


Our team of monitoring specialists can help you set up, enhance and manage your monitoring tools and service management processes. Whether it’s Splunk, Elastic, TCSA, M&R or an SNMP tool.


Are you looking for an open, flexible and adaptable solution to monitor your environment? We can help you make the right choice with the right combination of tools. We’re currently working with several affordable suites that enable us to implement solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Elastic (Logstash, ElasticSearch, Beats, Kibana, APM, Observability
  • Influx (telegraf, influxDB, kapacitor, chronograf)
  • Watch4net, Monitoring and Reporting, M&R, APG (VMware Smarts M&R)
  • SRM, Storage Resource Management (Dell EMC)
  • Telco Cloud Operations, TCOps (VMware)
  • Grafana
  • Splunk

Integration Services

We provide visibility into your infrastructure by being able to monitor modern and legacy technologies.

Our team of monitoring specialists can help you with deploying, improving, and managing your monitoring tools and processes.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention, are team is mostly composed or legacy Watch4net members (yes, we are Watch4net Montreal!). We might be able to help you with our services in regards to APG, Watch4net, Monitoring and reporting (M&R), ViPR SRM and upcoming VMware Telco Cloud Operations (TCOps).

  • VMware Telco Cloud Operations (TCOps) Architecture Services
  • Watch4net, ViPR SRM, MNR, M&R, APG Architecture Services
  • Watch4net, ViPR SRM, MNR, M&R, APG Design Configure Install Services
  • Watch4net, ViPR SRM, MNR, M&R, APG SolutionPack Install Services

Our Team of Experts

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Monitoring made for you

Ensure the performance, security, and availability of your cloud environment with our advanced cloud monitoring services.

We Specialize In

Monitoring, observability, Capacity & performance of infrastructures with ElasticSearch, Splunk, VMware TCSA, SNMP, InCharge Smarts, Grafana, Kibana

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Business Operations, Bewarx

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VP Marketing, Wico

“When we needed help to manage the strategy and rollout of a complex marketing plan, Lunno turned out to be the perfect partner.”


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